Throughout his career, CEO of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation Niranjan Shah has striven to serve as a role model for small business owners across the Midwest region of the United States. Through extensive achievements in business and public and community service in Chicago as well as on a state, national and international level, Niranjan Shah has set an example of giving back to the community.

Niranjan Shah’s Globetrotters Engineering Corporation was recognized for its key contributions to the Tunnel and Reservoirs Plan project of Chicago by receiving the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Citizens Engineering Achievement Award in 1991 (Illinois Chapter) and its coveted Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in 1986. Shah has also earned personal recognition in India through several honors, including the 1998 International Vishwa-Gurjari Award and the 2005 Light of Gujarat Award. Niranjan Shah was recognized by the government of India with the highest civilian award given to non-resident Indians in 2006, the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award.

Extremely active in the public sector, Niranjan Shah has served on numerous city, state, and federal boards and commissions. In 2004, Shah was nominated to the National Institute of Building Sciences by President Bill Clinton. In 1997, he received an invitation from President Clinton to attend the 1992 Economic Conference, which brought together leading professionals in politics, business, and economics to discuss pressing issues of national relevance. He also served on the prestigious Goldwater Foundation for Excellence in Education. Shah’s public service at the state level has involved serving on the Illinois Board of Regents and the Illinois State Police Merit Board. Also deeply involved in public service in Chicago, Shah has served on the Visiting Committee on University-School Relations at the University of Chicago and the Economic Development Commission of Chicago, among others.

At present, Niranjan Shah dedicates his professional work to Chicago-based Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, which remains an industry leader in design and construction management. Globetrotters is known for its significant contributions toward the construction of Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway International Airports as well as its work on improving Illinois’ highway system.